Courage has no age! Mhonbeni, 8 years old won the National Bravery Award for Rescuing Her Grandmother
Mhonbeni Ezung who’s just 8 year old kid has set an example for all of us for being courageous and bold. This year girl has proved that it’s not about your age and build but it’s about will.

This little girl has made us proud by fetching the National Bravery Award and is the youngest among the rest of the 24 recipients of the bravery awards. Mhonbeni, is a resident of Nagaland and had gone to visit her grandmother in the village of Chudi, during her winter vacations.

Her grandmother, Renthunglo Jungi, 78, on January 28, 2014 took Mhonbeni and while fishing her grandmother suffered a stroke and lost her consciousness in middleman of the river.

The courage of this little wonder kid starts here. She ran about 5 km through dense forest for getting help to save her granny’s life from drowning and was succeeded were her attempt. Mhonbeni’s, grandmother was rescued and was taken to health centre, where she was treated and was recovered.

When asked 8 year old little wonder, Mhonbeni about what made her to bring this courage; she replied her love and concern for her granny gave the courage. Accompanied by her proud father, Mhonbeni received her award from the Prime Minister in New Delhi. She was conferred with a medal, a certificate and the cash reward.

image courtesy: lockerdome