It’s powerful and Impressive! That’s how we define the impact of our favorite movie star into our lives. And from many stories Trending Buzz got you a tale of a real fan of SRK named Shivam Jemini aged 18. So, what did Shivam did to get SRK’s attention and in return SRK offered him a job. We all know how SRK’s upcoming movie trailer FAN has got amazing response online and how SRK is talked for this movie trailer.

To impress SRK and to do something as a gesture, Shivam recreated his own version of FAN trailer placing him as FAN and tweeted its link to SRK. We all know how much fan following The King Khan has but among those lakhs tweets, the actor noticed his efforts and had something to react. SRK not only responded to Shivam’s tweet but also offered him to work with SRK’s VFX studios. It’s doesn’t seems less than a dream come true where what we usually see happening in films has happened in real life. Bravo Shivam! You made it to SRK.


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This definitely proves one thing: Kisi cheez ko puri shiddat se chaaho toh puri kaaynaat use tumse milaane mein jud jaati hai!

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