In recent times, with all the searches and digging into the records of the personalities who made their names for good or bad, here’s something shocking that we have found out about Adolf Hitler’s sexuality.

Hitler has been in news for all the bad and good things. But this time it’s about his sexuality, earlier according to the medical records that were released claiming that he had only one testicle and later the news came that he had a micro – penis. So, we all know that Hitler was facing some sexual problems.

Adding more to the Hitler’s lifestyle, much absurd information came about his dark and strange sexual desires that he tried to keep as a secret. According to the records from the US Office of Strategic, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) claims that Adolf Hitler had a love of “POO SEX”.

This report was commissioned in the Second World War by Dr. Walter C Langer. According to this report, Hitler biggest turn- on in the bedroom was having women stand over him and defecate on him.

Also, in book “Hitler and I” written by Otto Strasser throws many hints on the bizarre sexual life of Hitler and about his relationships. As per book, there’s an allegation that Hitler was obsessed by his niece Geli and used to force her to urinate and poo on him. And her suicide in his apartment brought Hitler a major emotional breakdown.

There are so many stories revolving around Hitler’s sex life where few claim that he and his wife Eva Braun, whom he wed only 24 hours before their joint suicide pact had sex without removing their clothes. Also, many rumors suggest that Hitler was Homosexual and he often used to invite actresses to his apartment for “private performances”.

Agree or disagree Hitler and his life has always astonished everyone. He’s known for his brutality and dictatorship during his reign but something related to his dark sex life about he being coprophiliac is really shocking.