JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar who engrossed our attention in past few days was released yesterday after 20 days in prison from Tihar jail on a six month interim bail.

Kanhaiya Kumar was elected as President of Student Union President at JNU in 2015 and since then he’s holding the chair. After returning from the jail he addressed a huge gathering including media pointing the kinks of the issue.

Going by his speech, it was heavy! As we say it! He made big statements like any other politician by pointing at the Government. Few of the quotes he made are as follows:

  • “Badnaam huwa to kya huwa; naam nahi huwa”
  • Truth can’t be sabotage
  • “ We need AZADI- not from India but from discrimination, caste system and other prevailing issues”
  • “ For JNU it was spontaneous and for them it was planned”
  • “ Not here for lecture but for sharing my experience”
  • “Me and few of my follow students are being used as political tools by charging us under sedition”
  • “ It’s not easy to get admission in JNU and to forget people from JNU”

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Like these the entire speech was filled with well- scripted quotes and attacks hinting to the ruling government using sarcasm and paying thanks to Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal. What do you exactly mean Kanhaiya?

The question arises here is that if Kanhaiya is so concerned about Azadi from the things happening around; why doesn’t he just talk about it only? But by coining at Government and paying thanks to opposition, it seems that he’s also taking sides and making his resume for future.

India doesn’t need that! Honestly! The entire issue has become more important than seeing how we are breaking our country into two halves and everything has to come in limelight and everyone has to attack someone or other.

In few past times, internet has replaced battle fields and we get to see many outrageous campaigns running on it. Sri Kanhaiya ji don’t you think if you want to represent Azad India, you need to calm down first and need not to play with the minds of people by instigating them.

The question that Kanhaiya Kumar leaves in our minds
1. Has he started stepping into opposition shoes and making his place there?
2. Is he really concerned? If he is then why in his speech it came as accusing opposition using sarcasm
3. Why is he rating Sedition? And naming him as a tool used by government?
4. Isn’t he coming as self- claim hero?

The only concern with all these  of thought processes is that it will influence society most probably creating the gap between people and welcoming the outrage that would build hatred wall India within India.

Video courtesy: ABP News


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