Don’t we all love McDonald’s and the variety of burgers it offers in its basket? Well there’s news for all the burger lovers from McDonald’s with its new cool product that comes with a purpose.

McDonald’s has introduced new Spearmint After- Dinner Big Mac during a press event at the company’s corporate headquarters. McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said, “Our new Spearmint Big Mac takes the classic, all-American burger customers love and gives it a minty twist that’s perfect for cleansing your palate and freshening your breath”.

The news was originally published at “The Onion” and since than it has taken social media by all means. According to the website the new Big Mac’s Spearmint burger will have menthol-and-sesame-seed bun, spearmint-oil-infused American cheese, and two all-beef patties provide a delicious and intense burst of mint alone with micro- crystals that gives an icy rush in the mouth.

Let’s wait for its launch in India, thou going by visual’s t’s look promising but as they say never judge a book with its cover.  So, let’s wait and watch; TB will get you all the updates.

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