Ever wondered how it’s being like rich and how different life you can have with your unique preferences. Trending Buzz gets you a sneak peak from the life of none other than India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s wife Nita Ambani.

We usually talk about the riches and their filthy lifestyles from their expensive cars to the extravagant picks. Now talking about Nita Ambani, who herself is a successful business woman and is living a life on her terms and making things possible for herself.

Trending Buzz gets you few fascinating facts about the owner of Mumbai Indian’s cricket team and we bet these will leave you amazed!

Do you know how much Nita Ambani’s morning cup of tea costs?? Well Nita Ambani is found of lavish lifestyle where she uses brand “Noritek” that’s from Japan for having her tea. ‘Noritek” is a well-known brand and is famous for its crockery worth 3 lakh rupees. Surprised!! The question arises what makes this so expensive? The answer is that this Japanese brand has a golden border and it’s 50 pieces set costs around Rupees 1.5 crore approximately.

There is other fact that makes Nita Ambani stand out from the crowd of riches, she has a huge collection of branded and expensive watches that includes brands like Cartier, Rado, Calvin Klein, Bulgari and list is never ending.

Nita Ambani owns the world’s most expensive handbags with the entire special edition such as from Goyard, Snel and Jimmy Choo whose price starts from 3-4 million. Isn’t a worth being rich!

Last not the least Nita Amabni is obsessed with stylish foot wears and she has all the renowned brands such as Padro, Garcia, Jimmy Choo, Pelmodha, Marlin costing lakhs per shoes and that she never repeats.