PM Modi during Kharagpur rally

“Azaan(call to prayer) was on, there shouldn’t be any problem in anyone’s prayers because of us, that is why I paused for few moments,” said Modi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was delivering his speech on Sunday at a political rally in Kharagpur in poll-bound West Bengal. In between his speech, he showed a generous move by pausing for a while after hearing Azaan in a nearby mosque. While he was targeting the Mamata Banerjee government through his speech said that he paused during Azaan.

Highlight of Modi’s speech

# Some think how can BJP form a govt in Bengal but if people of Bengal decide govt can be formed easily.

#I have 3 point agenda that is development, development at a fast pace and development from all sides-

Have you heard of any corruption since we have come to power? Arey bhooka rehna pasand karenge lekin janta ke jeb se ek rupayee chori nahi karenge

#There was a time when Bengal was capital of industries, Left broke its back and this govt buried it.

#Congress and Communists have challenged the wisdom of Bengal and Bengal can not forgive people who challenge wisdom of Bengal


Below is the complete speech by PM Narendra Modi applauds the Prime Minister’s gesture and setting a great example to everyone.