Sonu Nigam dressed like a beggar and sang on streets of Mumbai for hours but no one recognised him.

No matter how much fame and name you earn in life, there will always be something that will end up in your ‘insatiable desires’ list. Our celebrities back home are no different when it comes to living a life of normalcy and enjoying the little things that the world has to offer. Sonu Nigam, in association with ‘Being Indian’, conducted a beautiful social experiment where he used aesthetics and makeup to disguise himself as a street artist and sang on the streets for hours, without being recognised by anyone!

Why Sonu Nigam dressed like a beggar and sang on streets?

Explaining his motive behind doing the video, he said that he wanted to enjoy the little joys of life all over again and when someone showered him with affection by giving him a few bucks, he felt elated by the gesture.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube