PRISMA, An app that phenomenally transforms pictures into breath taking art form

Launched in July 2016 and it already has over 7.5 million downloads and over 1 million users. Prisma transforms your pictures into a stunning piece of art work.

App is now easily available on IOS as well as on Android version. It is free of cost and has extremely well defined filters for editing and styling your pictures.

Unique Benefits of PRISMA

  • Easy to download
  • Impressive Filters for Editing
  • Direct and fast sharing on Social Media
  • App is available with close to 30 impressive filters. It gives you a painting effect which is sure to blow you away. You can transform your memories into prepossessing art form.

How will Prisma fair against the competition

Easy Usage

Prisma can score against the competition on the basis of the easy usage strategy. You only need to open the app, select or either click a picture and select the desired filter. One can keep clicking the filters till you get the right one which suits your liking.

Sharing pictures directly

Prisma allows users to share pictures directly on social networks as well on chat application. This is one of the plus points as well.

The only problem with prisma is the download for the filters to give you the results. Though it has till now not undermine the usage of the app. It sure to win people heart with its unique painting filters.


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