Everything you need to know about the new IPHONE 7 features from a dual camera being water and dust resistant to the addition of new Apple Airpods, which have been developed on the new wireless standard.


Water and Dust Resistant

The IPHONE 7 and IPHONE 7S does not differ a lot in terms of looks with IPHONE 6 and that has been the talk of the town. The biggest difference is that both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are water and dust resistant. It means you can take either of them under up to 1 meter of water for about a span of 30 minutes. The water resistance has also added to the thickness of the device.


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For the price of $159 these earbuds offer audio quality that isn’t any better than what you’d get with the EarPods. The new AIRPODS have been developed on the new wireless standard and all they have done is cut the wire form the EarPods. They come with a cool magnetic carry case and do have a lot of charge. Plus they don’t look impressive in the ear and you also might struggle with the issue to fit them in the ear.

Dual Camera

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IPHONE 7 comes with an impeccable camera quality and is also good for portrait images. It comes with a 12 megapixel camera and two lenses with a wide-angle (28mm equivalent, down from 29mm on the previous edition) and a portrait lens (56mm) for medium close-ups. Both have better low-light and color capabilities than on previous editions and improved optical image stabilization.

It also comes with a faster lens opening. 1.8 from 2.2. It also detects face and bodies and offer wide colour capture.


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